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I believe that life begins outside of your comfort zone. I believe there is always another level. I believe the world is your oyster should you choose to go for it.

Tim Lauricella

CEO & Founder of FutureAccel

Certified High Performance Coach

Associate Certified Meta Coach

About Me

My story is not one of the rags to riches. I was not beaten or abused, we were not poor as kids, I didn't overdose on drugs or have a near death experience. My story is simply one of a continual search for fulfillment, meaning, contribution, and joy in life.

We are on vacation in Queensland and it's the first time we're out of the state of Victoria. As you do, my parents offer to buy myself and my two younger brothers a souvenir to remember the trip. I see a t-shirt with the words "Trainee Millionaire" on the front and I want it. I'm 10 years old but already I have a strong ambition to succeed and make a difference. I wear this t-shirt with pride as often as possible and for as long it fits. I feel like somehow it's meant to be but there's a long road ahead.

Fast forward 24 years. My wife and I have just moved back to Switzerland. I've left a job that I loved but my health was suffering so I welcomed the change. Now, however, I'm going to work, doing a job which feels much less meaningful, and it seems incredibly hard to build any momentum in my professional life. I try chasing the job that I've been telling myself I want (only later do I realise I didn't really want it). I remind myself of how lucky I am to be living here, to have the life I have and to have a well-paid job. This is what I keep telling myself as I avoid facing the fear of chasing my dream. Day by day though, I have the feeling another piece of me is disappearing as I'm not being who I truly am.

It's now the summer of 2016. My daughter is three months old and we're adjusting to our new family life. I'm happy in my personal life but frustrated in my professional life. Things seem to be going nowhere and I'm not finding value in what I do, and it's impacting me more than I realise. My mobile phone rings and it's my youngest brother, calling from his mobile phone in Australia. I immediately think something is wrong. He would never call at this hour and certainly not mobile to mobile. At the end of the call I've learned that my father had a sudden health issue, was without oxygen for 30 minutes and is now on life support. The end result is obvious but my mind does not allow me to go there. Together with my wife, we decide that I fly back to Australia alone. I go without a suit in the faint hope that it's not going to be needed. When the doctors tell us that my father will not recover and that he's not going to wake up, the whole family is reduced to tears and disbelief that this has happened. We give him the send off that he deserves after living an amazing life, and before I know it, I'm back on the plane heading home.

 Over the next three months, I find myself reflecting on my life to a depth that I've not done in the past. I see an email, with a video from the High-Performance Institute. I watch the video and realise now is the time I need a coach. I'm a certified coach myself which helps me to know I need some extra support to get my life moving in the direction I desire. It's session number two and I write in my book "I need to resign". As I look at these words, I know what I have to do but I'm scared like hell to take that action. Finally, a few months later when I'm crafting my purpose statement, it becomes clear to me that it's time to take the action I've been holding back for four years. I resign from my corporate job and I start building my own High-Performance Coaching company.

I'm happy because things start well but soon I find myself in the same situation most face - where are my next clients coming from? I stay positive, I analyse the business, I make a major strategic shift and I get more and more clarity on who I want to work with and why. I'm now at the point where clients pay the full rate, I've created an online version of High-Performance Coaching, I'm getting outstanding feedback from clients taking the course, and I'm contributing 25% of every purchase of my online course to fuel Rotary Global Causes, helping thousands of people around the world. I have a second business which will soon launch and it's full steam ahead. I know my days are meaningful from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. It's not all beer and skittles, as every day has its ups and downs but that's the nature of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

I can clearly say that I feel alive! If I can make this shift, so can you. My job, and my passion, is to support you to reach higher levels of performance in your life so you can live with the confidence, joy and fulfillment that you seek. Just like there was that point for me, is now your time?

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